No. #1

Many people think of our product as HENNA and treat it as such. It is not just henna, our product is a mixture of various organic herbs; henna is just one of the herbs.

No. #2

With pure henna, after making the paste is left idle for 1 or two hours so that its natural coloring component called Lawsone gets activated in large quantities and a good dark coloring is obtained. This is not the process we practice with our product. The herbs present in our organic hair colors produce the best result when used immediately after the paste is made. Do not let the paste set like henna.

Remember to apply paste immediately on hair as soon as it is made.

No. #3

Once water and powder are combined, the reaction between water and the various herbs present in the powder begins. This reaction should take place on hair for coloring if you leave the paste idle for some time before application, its reaction is already over when you apply on hair, and it will not color your hair.