Exploring the Versatility of Hibiscus Flower in Natural Hair Dye

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Hibiscus flowers are a natural ingredient for dyeing hair, and we incorporate them into 13 of our 24 100% organic hair colors. But what exactly can hibiscus do for your hair color?

Hibiscus dyes hair various shades of purple. These shades can range from red-based purple to blue-based purple, demonstrating the versatility of this natural dye. To understand the specific color it produces, we experimented with organic hibiscus flower hair powder on a white hair sample.

The Science of Hibiscus Hair Dye

The key to achieving the desired color lies in the particle size of the hibiscus powder. If the particles are too large, they struggle to dye the hair effectively. Conversely, if they are too small, they can destroy the pigment. The ideal hibiscus flower hair powder has a particle size that can penetrate the hair cuticle and color the hair from within.

After dyeing hair for about an hour with organic hibiscus flower hair powder, the result was a beautiful blue-purple shade.

hibiscus dye

Achieving a Red-Purple Shade

If you're aiming for a red-purple hue, mixing hibiscus flower hair powder with lemon juice before applying it to your hair can achieve this effect. The acidic nature of lemon juice alters the dyeing process, resulting in a reddish-purple color.

hibiscus + lemon
hibiscus powder in lemon water
hibiscus powder mixed lemon waterhibiscus lemon dye

Here's the result after applying this mixture to a white hair sample for about an hour:

hibiscus lemon dye

The difference in color is noticeable when comparing the two side by side.

hibiscus hair dye

Water: Blue-purple
Lemon: Red-purple


For those looking to dye their hair a natural purple color using hibiscus flowers, understanding the impact of particle size and mixing agents like lemon juice is essential. Choose hibiscus flower hair powder that is specifically designed for hair dyeing to ensure the best results.

This blog post highlights the unique properties of hibiscus flower as a natural hair dye and provides insights into achieving different shades of purple. If you're considering a natural, vibrant purple hue, hibiscus flower might be the perfect choice for your hair.

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