Notice Regarding Radico Product Availability and Distribution Channels

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We frequently receive inquiries about whether our products are available on US Amazon. At this time, all Radico products sold in the official sales route in the USA are not available on US Amazon.

The reason is that for first-time customers, the color after dyeing their hair may differ from their expectations. Since our hair dye is completely natural and herbal, without any chemicals, the results can vary based on the customer's hair type. Therefore, purchases made through the Radico USA shop come with a free replacement if the color isn't as anticipated. We are confident in our 100% organic hair dye, and we believe that once customers experience the natural color, they will become long-term users of our products.

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Additionally, as our products do not contain any additives to extend shelf life, it is crucial to manage the expiry date from production in India to sales in the USA. To ensure the best quality and customer satisfaction, we have limited our official sales channels to those we can effectively manage. This means our products are officially sold only through authorized distribution routes in the USA.

We are committed to providing a healthy hair dyeing experience and will notify you in the future when we can sell our products through official channels on US Amazon.

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