Radico Launches Vacuum-Packed Organic Hair Dye Products for US Sales

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We are pleased to announce that our organic hair dyes and hair care products, including Radico's renowned products, are now vacuum-packed for your convenience and safety. As a completely natural and chemical-free product, our line of organic hair products may be susceptible to the growth of harmful microorganisms, such as bacteria and fungi, depending on the storage environment. To address this concern, we have extended the expiration date from two to three years by adopting vacuum-packaging technology, which effectively suppresses the growth of harmful microorganisms.
vacuum package
To make it easier for our valued customers in the United States to identify our vacuum-packed products, we have introduced a new pouch packaging design for all our organic hair dyes and hair care products. However, please remember that the pouch package is only sold through authorized sales channels for US sales.
pouch package
We are committed to providing our customers with the most natural and safest hair care products possible without compromising quality. With our vacuum-packed organic hair dyes and hair care products, you can achieve beautiful, healthy hair without harmful chemicals or additives.

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