100% Organic Hair Dye

Hair Color Chart

24 Stunning Shades

Embrace the vibrant beauty of 24 naturally derived colors, expertly crafted from a blend of 12 organic herbs. This gentle formula utilizes the inherent power of these herbs to naturally bind the color to your hair, eliminating the need for harsh chemicals and additives. Experience the pure and sustainable way to achieve stunning hair color.

Hair Color Images

Soft Black

Dark Brown


Light Brown

Copper Brown



Darkest Ash Blonde

Dark Ash Blonde

Ash Blonde

Light Ash Blonde

Wheat Blonde

Beige Blonde

Champagne Blonde

Golden Blonde

Honey Blonde

Caramel Blonde

Strawberry Blonde

Light Reddish Blonde

Reddish Blonde

Auburn Red

Wine Red


Sun Blonde

Limitation of Organic Hair Color

It cannot be used to transition from dark brown to light blonde hair. In fact, the effect is occasionally scarcely perceptible. Colour Me Organic utilizes only plant pigments, so it lacks the intensity of chemical dyes. It will not color hair that is darker than the pigment of the product.

How Organic Hair Dye Works