Frequently Asked Questions

Coloring /Dye


How much time will it take to dye my hair?


The color paste should be left on the hair for at least one hour. Our herbs are all natural and therefore work a little slower than chemical dyes.
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Is this a henna product?


It is made with a blend of 12 Ayurvedic herbs, including henna. This combination creates 24 different shades. Some colors do not contain henna leaf.



How long will the color last?


The color lasts for 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the health and condition of hair. The more you use the product the longer the product tends to last with each application.


Does it stain the skin?


No, Colour Me Organic does not stain the skin. If it the product gets on the skin, gently wash with water.


Will I get the actual color shade?


The final color will vary from person to person, with multiple variables including the original shade and type of hair, the health and condition of the hair, the length of application, and so on.


Should I apply on clean hair?


Yes, the paste should be applied on freshly washed and completely dried hair. Please do not use hair conditioner before applying Colour Me Organic, as it will weaken the dye.
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Does it work on all hair textures?


Yes, the product works on all hair textures.


Is a patch test required?


Yes, although our product is created with only organic herbs, some herbs may be too strong and can cause a reaction in very rare cases.


Does it only cover gray hair?


The product will color over hair that is lighter than the product. For example, if your hair is blond and you choose a dark color such as dark brown, it will dye to that color. If your hair is currently black, then applying a lighter shade such as a blonde color will have no effect on your hair. For more details, please read the color page.
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Can I use it on hair with highlights?


Yes, you can use it on highlighted hair or you can do the highlights later.
Please bear in mind that you can’t use natural hair colors to change your original hair color.
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Can I lighten my hair with 100% organic hair dye?


No, Our Hair Color doesn’t strip your hair of its natural pigment. Organic hair dye cannot depigment melanin. It contains no decolorizing substances, such as bleach or ammonia, because it is a 100% organic hair dye. It will not dye hair that is darker than the product’s color.
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What are the common causes of Colour Me Organic not working?


Many times, the cause for a weak dye is due to applying the product to hair that is not completely clean and/or dry. Please be sure to wash the hair with shampoo (but not with conditioner), and drying your hair before application. Some prior treatments, especially chemical treatments, my prevent the product from working to its full potential.
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Why should silicone products not be used before dyeing?


Organic Hair uses finely ground plants to naturally dye hair. Natural color pigments bind to the hair cuticles and adhere to the outside of the hair shaft, creating a nourishing glaze that protects and revitalizes. Use 100% natural hair care products without silicones or other chemical film formers to allow our herbal color pigments to bind optimally with the hair cuticles and produce the most vibrant color results.

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Can Color Me Organic be used by both men and women?


Our hair color products are suitable for everyone, regardless of gender. For men, we've crafted a slightly stronger blend of herbs.


Which color that covers grey does not turn red.


Hair dye that does not contain henna will not turn red. This is because henna is an orange pigment.

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Do you test for heavy metals?


Yes, as part of our quality control procedures. If heavy metals are detected above the allowed limits, that batch is rejected and not packaged. Only batches that pass our various tests, including heavy metal testing, are approved for packaging and shipping.

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Q. If you received the wrong Products

A. If you received a product that was not the one you ordered, we apologize. You can also contact us at customer-service@radicousa.com, and we will ensure that you receive the ordered products! Please provide us with your order number.
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Q. If the color hasn't been dyed

A. If you are unsatisfied with the result, please contact us for a free replacement of the color of your choice. Returns within 30 days receive a full refund.
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Q. If there is a problem with the product

A. If there is a problem with the product you received, we apologize! Please contact us at customer-service@radicousa.com so that we may assist you. Please provide us with your order number.

About Purchasing

Q. Can I purchase Radico products on Amazon US?

A. Radico products are not sold on Amazon US through the official sales channel.

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Q. Can Radico products be purchased at retail stores?

A. We are currently preparing to sell at retail stores. We will update our website with a list of retailers as soon as our products become available in retail stores.