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In search of a non-toxic hair pigment, we arrived at a 100% organic herbs formulation. We are proud to be the first company in the world to receive 100% organic certification for our hair colors, ensuring that our products are free from chemicals and additives. You'll love the non-toxic organic herbal hair color.

Our Goal

Our ultimate goal is to turn back the clock on your hair by using carefully selected herbs that will bring back its youthful vitality and shine, helping you feel your best every day. We are committed to providing optimal results that not only improve your overall look but also help to rejuvenate your hair to its natural radiance.


Established in the year 1992

Radico is the creator of Colour Me Organic all-natural hair coloring products. Founded in India in 1992, Radico is committed to developing all-natural hair color and treatment solutions that utilize no chemical additives or animal testing. We aim to ensure the well-being of our customers and employees and the environment.

Blending modern scientific research with India’s traditional ayurvedic knowledge, we work with certified organic farms and socially responsible production facilities in India and worldwide to generate prosperity and promote the utilization of renewable organic ingredients in hair and beauty products.

Radico is the first single-step 100% Natural Hair Colour in the world to get organic certification by ECO-CERT, a France-based world's best organic certifying company.

Make the Impossible Possible by SANJEEV BHATT

It’s nearly impossible to formulate an effective hair color without chemicals. However, SANJEEV BHATT was realized.

In 2001 Sanjeev started focusing on Natural hair colors and began developing expertise in it. Since all existing scientists, herbal experts, and chemists whom Sanjeev approached refused to create 100% Natural hair colors stating that it was impossible, Sanjeev made a small lab of his own in his home and started experimenting.

Founder and CEO





We believe in the philosophy of Good Karma and maintaining a balance in life. This philosophy encourages us always to remain truthful, honest, and hard-working. And our organic hair colors are free from chemicals and contain only organic herbs. Now our focus is on developing more 100% Natural and certified organic cosmetics for the safety and health of society, and it is a demand of the present and future. We believe that" Organic is Real Natural."


We grow our ingredients or directly source them from farmers to ensure that they are 100% organic, natural, and of the highest quality and consistency.


We are strictly against any form of animal testing. We believe animal testing and experimentation are unnecessary to achieve safety because the products are made solely from natural and organic plants.


Radico and Colour Me Organic are sold in over 100 countries through our distributors and are supported by fans worldwide!

Our Members | Radico USA

Sanjeev Bhatt

Founder and CEO

Nicki Uchino

Office Manager

Nela Nikoletic

Customer Service and Colour Me Organic Expert

Tony Vandenworm

VP of Marketing and Sales

Simon Vandenworm

Customer Service Specialist

Yuki Katakami

Radico USA Hair Laboratory

E-Commerce Manager