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About Us

Radico is the creator of Colour Me Organic all-natural hair coloring products. Founded in India in 1992, Radico is committed to the development of all-natural hair color and treatment solutions that utilize no chemical additives or animal testing. We aim to insure the well-being of our customers and employees, and the environment as a whole.

Blending modern scientific research with India’s traditional ayurvedic knowledge, we work with certified organic farms and socially responsible production facilities not only in India but worldwide to generate prosperity and promote the utilization of renewable organic ingredients in hair and beauty products.

Radico's Organic Farms

We grow our own ingredients or directly source them from farmers to ensure that the they are 100% organic and natural, and of the highest quality and consistency.

No Animal Testing

We are strictly against any form of animal testing. We believe that animal testing and experimentation is not necessary to achieve safety, especially because the products are made solely from natural and organic plants.

Loved Worldwide

Radico and Colour Me Organic is sold in over 100 countries through our distributors, supported by fans all over the world!

Our Members

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