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Established in the year 1992

About Radico

Radico is the creator of Colour Me Organic all-natural hair coloring products. Founded in India in 1992, Radico is committed to developing all-natural hair color and treatment solutions that utilize no chemical additives or animal testing. We aim to ensure the well-being of our customers and employees and the environment.

Blending modern scientific research with India’s traditional ayurvedic knowledge, we work with certified organic farms and socially responsible production facilities in India and worldwide to generate prosperity and promote the utilization of renewable organic ingredients in hair and beauty products.

Radico is the first single-step 100% Natural Hair Colour in the world to get organic certification by ECO-CERT, a France-based world's best organic certifying company.

Make the Impossible Possible by SANJEEV BHATT

It’s nearly impossible to formulate an effective hair color without chemicals. However, SANJEEV BHATT was realized.

In 2001 Sanjeev started focusing on Natural hair colors and began developing expertise in it. Since all existing scientists, herbal experts, and chemists whom Sanjeev approached refused to create 100% Natural hair colors stating that it was impossible, Sanjeev made a small lab of his own in his home and started experimenting.

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Since not many documents on herbs and less research have been done on Herbs, Sanjeev had to work quite hard in research and experimenting. His education and knowledge in science and common sense helped him a lot. He could work on herbs with a fresh approach and soon was successful in developing 100% Natural brown hair colors, which were very well accepted in Japan. Japanese were so happy with excellent results that they called it Supernatural Brown, and Sanjeev named it SUNAB, which emerged from Supernatural brown. Soon he successfully developed 6 Colors. It took four years of hard research work. Encouraged by this success, he further worked hard with all Natural herbs. He later developed 100% Natural and 100% Organic hair colors and, with great difficulty, could get certified in 2010 by ECO-CERT. This France-based Organic certifying company is a world leader in Organic certification. And he was the first in the world to get Organic certification for his single-step hair color. Hence another brand - Colour Me Organic, was born, and again, it was a unique product. In 2012 after almost ten years of complex R&D, Radico successfully introduced certified organic hair colors for the first time worldwide. Initially, ten colors were introduced and soon expanded to a wide range of 23 shades.



◉ The Arch of Europe Gold Star Award For Quality for year 2001, at Frankfurt Germany by BID

◉ Award for best performance of the year 2002 from Council of International Awards,UK

◉ Niryaat Shiromani Puraskar for Exports for year 2003 at New Delhi, India

◉ Certificate of Appreciation-from Beauty Association of Nepal for Herbal Beauty Products, 2004.

◉ Best enterprise award 2016 for Radico Organic hair colours from European Business Assembly in Germany.

◉ Excellence and Quality award 2016 at Washington DC USA, from WorldCOB, USA.

◉ Declared as Top 10 new products in Beauty World Middleast Dubai 2016

◉ Best Enterprises Award Winner in Germany, 2016

◉ Oxford Academic Union honoured Mr. Sanjeev Bhatt, CEO & Founder of Radico Organic Hair Colour with a title of ‘Honorary Professor of the Academic Union, Oxford' for scientific research and lifelong work in Natural & Organic Hair Color, in Dec 2016 at Oxford UK.

◉ Finalist - NEXTY Award for Best Natural Beauty Product, USA, 2016

◉ Verified & Declared “Very Good “ by OKO-TEST, Germany (Brown & Auburn Red) in 2016

◉ XXI World Wide marketing Organisation Mexico granted us Quality award in March 2017 for Organic Hair Colours In Central America at Mexico City , Mexico.

◉ In July 2017 another Quality Award received in Sao Paulo, Brazil

◉ Award of India's 70 Most Inspiring Power Brand Rising Stars 2017-2018- fastest growing brand received at Mumbai, India in Sept 2017

◉ Radico Colour Me Organic has been awarded Winner by NCW’s USA Experts and Celebrity Judges as one of the 2017 Eco-Excellence Awards™ in the Best Hair Care for Mom Category.

◉ Radico Organic hair colours identified as 20 most promising Organic Personal Care Brand in India - 2018

◉ Nominated for Women’s most trusted brand award 2018

◉ International Competence Center for Organic Agriculture has been awarded in Category of ‘Best Company Orgnanic Non-Food ’ First Prize for the year 2018.

◉ Most promising Brand of the year 2019 - Natural and Organic products, received at Baku, Azerbaijan in Dec 2019. Awarded by Global Leaders awards, India.

◉ In Top 10 brands in India of 2019 in ammonia free hair colours.[  Click Here to View ▶︎ ]

◉ In Top 10 brands in world of 2019 in Organic hair colours. [ Click Here to View ▶︎ ]

◉ Radico received “Indian Achievers' Award, 2020” In Recognition of Outstanding Professional Achievement & Inspiring Social Contributions.

◉ #Time2Leap National Awards - MSME Edition 2020 in category of Best Organic Beauty product of the year.

◉ “India’s Most Trusted Natural and Organic Brand of the Year” Award for Radico Organic Hair Colours by International Service Pride Awards 2021

◉ Mr. Sanjeev Bhatt, CEO and Founder of “Radico Organic Hair Colours”, was awarded Honorary Doctorate in Herbal Research, by National American University in association with National Institute of Education and Research, New Delhi, India. For his life long work and Research in this field. 2022

◉ “Most Innovative Natural and Organic Brand in India” Awarded to Radico Organic Hair Colour & “Emerging Young Entrepreneur of The Year” Awarded to Mr. Krishna Bhatt by International Service Pride Awards 2022.



We believe in the philosophy of Good Karma and maintaining a balance in life. This philosophy encourages us always to remain truthful, honest, and hard-working. And our organic hair colors are free from chemicals and contain only organic herbs. Now our focus is on developing more 100% Natural and certified organic cosmetics for the safety and health of society, and it is a demand of the present and future. We believe that" Organic is Real Natural."


We grow our ingredients or directly source them from farmers to ensure that they are 100% organic, natural, and of the highest quality and consistency.


We are strictly against any form of animal testing. We believe animal testing and experimentation are unnecessary to achieve safety because the products are made solely from natural and organic plants.


Radico and Colour Me Organic are sold in over 100 countries through our distributors and are supported by fans worldwide!

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