Choose from 13 shades.

Beige Blonde, Reddish Blonde, Light Reddish Blonde, Strawberry Blonde, Caramel Blonde, Honey Blonde, Darkest Ash Blonde, Dark Ash Blonde, Ash Blonde, Light Ash Blonde, Champagne Blonde, Golden Blonde, Wheat Blonde

100% Organic Fruit & Seed powder

Hair Treatment Powder

Radico Organic Amla, Ritha, Shikakai mix Powder is HAIR TREATMENT

​​​​It gives complete benefit of amla, ritha and Shikakai.
Amla: It prevents greying of hair naturally and promotes hair growth and improves its retention.
Ritha: It is completely natural and excellent as a hair cleanser and hair conditioner.
Shikakai: It is very beneficial in stimulating hair growth and treating dandruff.
It gives natural shine & luster to hair. It is safe and chemical Free. Our Herbs Powder is widely used by those people who desire to get benefit from its natural property.

Hair Treatment Powder


Amla, Ritha, Shikakai