How to Fix It

Natural Hair Dyes Turned My Hair Orange

Natural Hair Dyes Turned My Hair Orange

Here's How to Fix It

When you dyed your hair with natural hair color, it turned out to be more orange than you thought. It may be because your hair and the ingredients in henna are compatible. The henna pigment is a solid orange color.

Could you wait a few days?

You may need to wait a few days for oxidation, and the orange may subside to red. Henna oxidizes over 2 to 7 days, darkening and deepening in color. What looked like orange immediately after washing out the dye may calm down to auburn or copper after oxidizing.

It takes time for indigo to turn blue

When combined, henna's orange and indigo-blue pigments create a rich, dark brown color that can transform your hair's look and feel. Remember that indigo-blue takes about 48-72 hours to develop fully, so be patient after hair dyeing. If you want to speed up the development process, you wet your hair and let it dry naturally about three times, which can help the blue color develop more quickly. This will speed up the transition from orange hair to brown hair.

If your hair's orange color is still strong

Some add coffee and teas to keep their hair from turning reddish-orange, but going over the hair with indigo is the best way to remove the reddish-orange to a darker color. Indigo is alkaline and reacts with henna, which is acidic to turn henna-dyed hair from brown or red to black.

How to use the indigo leaf powder in your orange hair

Pure Indigo leaf powder is the most potent darkening dye over henna leaf powder. Mix the indigo powder into a paste with water and apply it to the hair. To slight tone, the red down, and leave the indigo on for a short time (15 or 30 minutes). If you go the indigo on for a longer time, you can darken the henna to red-brown, brown (up to 2 hours), or even black shade (usually, you have to leave it on for at least 2 hours to get a black tint). The longer you leave the indigo on, the darker and less red your hair will be.

100% Organic

Indigo leaf powder

Treating your hair with a mixture containing Radico 100% organic indigo powder is a great way to treat scalp conditions while darkening your hair and improving its luster and body.  Indigo is a natural detangler, too, and gentle enough to use as often as you prefer to darken and enrich your hair gradually.

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