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About Hair Aging

Have you ever wondered why our hair loses its lustrous shine and thickness as we age? Well, it turns out that the natural aging process affects not just the pigmentation of our hair (resulting in those pesky gray hairs) but also its diameter, curvature, structural properties (such as its ability to stretch, bend, and twist), and even its lipid composition. These changes are interrelated and contribute to the overall deterioration of our hair's cosmetic properties over time.

Alterations in hair oiliness due to aging lipids

Did you know that the lipids in our hair come from two primary sources - the hair matrix cells and the sebaceous glands located in the hair follicle? Interestingly, the amount of sebum is determined by the size of the glands. It tends to be low before puberty, rapidly increases during puberty, and stays high until around 45-50 years of age before declining. Notably, this decline is more significant in females than in males.

Age-Related Hair Fiber Curvature and Diameter Changes

Did you know that as we age, alterations in the curvature of our hair fibers have a significant impact on the cosmetic properties of our hair? A lack of synchronization in the curvature of neighboring hair fibers in a hair assembly, for example, causes frizz. Moreover, age-related changes in the diameter and curvature of hair fibers can alter their structural properties, resulting in increased combing forces and hair breakage. Consequently, maintaining the correct curvature and diameter of our hair fibers is essential for maintaining healthy hair and preventing damage as we age.

Understanding Weathering and Its Effect on Hair Aging

Have you ever noticed that the tips of your hair often appear dull, pale, and prone to split ends? This could be due to a process called weathering, which refers to the wear and tear that mainly affects the free end of growing hair fibers. Once the hair shaft emerges from the skin and continues to grow, it undergoes degeneration to some extent depending on the amount of environmental and cosmetic damage it is exposed to. Because scalp hair has the longest growing phase, it is particularly vulnerable to weathering and thus more prone to damage compared to hairs on other parts of the body. In fact, in normal hair, weathering damage is most noticeable near the tips of the scalp hair, where it often appears lackluster and discolored, with varying degrees of split ends.

Ancient Ayurvedic Herbal Remedies

Ancient Ayurvedic herbal remedies are traditional practices in India that use natural herbs to promote hair health and anti-aging.


Every pore on the skin has oil glands that produce sebum (oil) necessary for maintaining proper hydration. Oil glands on the skin produce sebum essential for adequate nourishment and hydration. The presence of oil gives a healthy shine to the hair. Excess production of oil makes the hair oily and greasy. Oily hair is more seen in people having oily skin. So a greasy scalp must never be oiled. Most of these people are looking for and assuming that a natural Shampoo would solve their problem.

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Ayurvedic Hair Mask For Dry Hair

In a healthy cuticle, the layers lie tightly together and keep moisture in. When a cuticle’s layers separate and peel away from hair, its ability to hold water is compromised, and some oil escapes.
You know how vital an Ayurvedic hair mask is to your hair if you are someone very committed to Ayurvedic hair care. Ayurvedic herbs come with incredible benefits. Ayurvedic treatment of your hair ensures that you get a good and radiant shiny hair condition just by using natural ingredients.

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Ayurvedic Hair Mask For Split Ends

Split ends are a cause of concern, especially among women. Split ends badly affect your hair's quality and do not look good. It would be best if you got rid of the split ends as soon as possible. You know how vital an Ayurvedic hair mask is to your hair if you are someone very committed to Ayurvedic hair care. Vata dosha pacifying herbs strengthen your hair shaft and promote thicker and longer hair growth. It was commonly utilized in ancient Ayurvedic remedies to improve hair strength and shine while benefiting scalp health.

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It's also beneficial for hair to be dyed.

Our Organic Hair Color

We did not use any chemicals in our production. We only use organic botanicals in our products. In addition, we use Ayurvedic botanicals that encourage healthy hair growth. The internal hair strands are kept intact in natural hair colors, making for great hair. Natural and herbal ingredients aid in supplying the hair and scalp with the nutrients they need to thrive. Why? Because We care about your hair's overall health.

Organic hair color for gray hair

Harbal hair dye

Radico is the first single-step 100% organic hair color to be certified organic by ECO-CERT, the foremost organic certifying agency in the world. The internal hair strands are kept intact in natural hair colors, making for great hair.