Go Organic Hair Color

How to Apply Colour Me Organic

Step 1. Preparation

WASH & DRY : 10 ~ 20 MINUTES

Step 1. Preparation

Wash and completely dry your hair to prepare for application. Remember to not use any conditioning products directly before using Colour Me Organic.


If conditioners and hair products remain in the hair, it will not dye properly.

If there are oils from conditioners and hair treatment, they will repel the water-based plant pigment solution, which results in a weak color.


When there is too much moisture in the hair, the pigments can not reach the cortex.

If there is too much water in the hair, the plant pigment solution does not penetrate into the hair, resulting in a weak color.

Step 2. Mix

Time : 5 ~ 10 minutes

Step 2. Mix

Depending on the length of hair, portion Colour Me Organic in the following amount:

・20 to 30g(0.7 to 1.1oz) – For short hair

・40 to 60g(1.4 to 2.1oz) – For shoulder-length hair

・70 to 100g(2.5 to 3.5oz) – For waist length hair

Take the recommended amount of powder as per hair length mentioned above.

Add warm water to Colour Me Organic in roughly 1 part powder to 3 parts water. Adjust the quantity of water to achieve a yogurt of ketchup like consistency. Paste should not be too thick or too thin.


Paste must be mixed thoroughly with water to dye the hair.

If powder is not mixed well enough, the plant pigments clump up and are unable to pass through the cuticle, resulting in a weak color.

Step 3. Application

Time : 10 ~ 20 minutes

Step 3. Application

Starting at the roots apply paste to hair immediately after mixing. Knead the paste well into your hair

Grey hair may require a heavier application of paste.

Use the enclosed shower cap to cover hair after paste is evenly distributed. Optionally, cover with plastic wrap.

Step 4. Peneration

Time : 1 hour

Step 4. Penetration

Wrap hair with plastic wrap or put on a shower cap. Wait at least 60 minutes after application of paste. Optionally, put on a fabric cap over the plastic to trap body heat. The key is to keep the paste moist and warm.

If a darker color is desired leave the paste on for a longer period of time. It is safe for paste to remain on hair for two to three hours. Heat can also be applied with a hair dryer during this time to intensify results.

Step 5. Rinse

Wash: 10 ~ 20 minutes

Step 5. Rinse

Thoroughly rinse hair with warm water until water runs clear. Do not use shampoo for this initial rinse.

Colour Me Organic takes up to 24 hours for the color to completely set. You may experience the color deepening on the first day.


Alkaline shampoo removes henna pigment from hair.

The pigment component of henna is Lawson. Alkaline shampoo foam removes Lawson from human hair. Soap sits at the higher end of the pH scale, around the 9 - 10 mark. Soap-based shampoo bars are out of balance with the natural pH of your hair. Soap’s alkalinity combined with the alkaline water can leave your tresses tangled and waxier than ever.

Choose From 23 shades

Made with 100% Organic Botanicals

Made with 100% certified organic plant pigments, ColourMe Organic natural hair colorants are fundamentally different in how they interact with your hair, imparting lasting tone and shine to the hair’s surface without penetrating the hair cuticle or follicles, as traditional dyes will.   Non-invasive botanical pigments are healthy for your hair, and highly recommended for those who frequently adjust their hair color or tint. 

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Ayurveda For Hair Care

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Hair Treatment Powderis a natural hair conditioner and tonic that conditions hair and prevents graying even as it nourishes hair roots. Like all Radico hair colorants and powders this treatment uses only organic botanicals.


Certified Organic Lavender Hair Shampoo Bar has been carefully crafted to deeply condition naturally colored hair, opening the cuticles and absorb the goodness of Radico Hair Colours to the fullest.