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Resolving shipping address errors

Shipping Address Errors!

Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN)

Radico USA uses the Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN). When SFN receives a fulfillment request for an order, it checks the order's shipping address for any formatting that might cause shipping issues. If there are issues with the format of your order's shipping address, then SFN can’t print a shipping label and the fulfillment request is declined.

The shipping address for the order is invalid

Invalid address

The following are common address issues that can cause a fulfillment request to be declined.

  • Address line 1 is required.
  • City is required.
  • Postal code is required.
  • State or province is required.
  • Country is required.
  • Name is required.

Address has too many characters

Solve the error

If the Address or ZIP code field has too many characters, then your SFN order displays an error in one of the following formats:

  • Address line 1 must have fewer than X characters.
  • Address line 2 must have fewer than X characters.
  • City must have fewer than X characters.
  • Country must have fewer than X characters.
  • Postal code must have fewer than X characters.
  • City must have fewer than X characters.
  • State/province must have fewer than X characters.

You can decrease the number of characters by entering apartment details in the Apartment field, and by using the following abbreviations for street type and cardinal direction:

Wrong postal code format

To resolve zip and postal code issues, make sure your postal code is in accurate format. You can use external tools to check your postal code, for example SmartyStreets address validator.

Single Address Verification

solve the error

The city field contains a postal code

If the City field contains a postal code, then the following error message is displayed on your SFN order:

This order's shipping address isn't valid: city field contains postal code.

You need to remove the postal code from the City field and make sure that the ZIP code field contains the postal code.


Support and Contact

If the address error persists, please get in touch with us from the "SUPPORT AND CONTACT" page.