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What is Organic Farming in Radico farms

Radico acquire farms


Radico has been caring for society since inception, by focusing totally on 100% Natural products made of just 100% herbs nothing else, which are safe for health and body with no side effect and hence contributing to a healthy society.

 Radico cares for community and believes that charity starts at home - hence supporting and bearing complete expenses of education for one child of each worker, up to higher study.


staff completed BBA and successfully cleared Radico’s recruitment clearance process and was employed as Management
Trainee in officer cadet senior to his father.

Radico acquire farms from farmers and pay them higher number of wages and buy back entire cultivation at prices higher than
market price to uplift their social status.

We love Organic farming

Techniques of Organic farming

Soil Management

Soil management is the primary technique of organic farming in Radico. After cultivation, soil loses its nutrients, and its fertilizer goes down. The process in which soil is recharging with all the necessary nutrients called soil management. Radico's Organic farming uses natural ways to increase the fertility of the soil. It uses bacteria, available in animal waste. Soil Management is first in the organic farming methods list.

Non Toxic Organic farms and Neighborhoods

Buffer zones protect organic farm

Buffer zones protect organic farms and land from prohibited substances (e.g., unapproved synthetic pesticides) and excluded methods (e.g., GMO cross-pollination).

Buffer zones

Radico farms are very environment friendly, it does not use fertilizers and chemicals.

Maintenance of a high degree of biodiversity and conservation of soil fertility

Ban of the chemical synthetic pesticides and GMOs

Responsible management of natural resources

Organic products are more nutritional and good for health to chemical and fertilizer utilized products.