Radico Adds New Herbal Powders to its Line-up of 100% Organic Hair Color Blends

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Radico USA has announced that it is adding two single-pigment herbal colorants, as well as a special hair treatment powder, to its line-up of 23 Colour Me Organic 100% natural hair colorants. The two single-source botanical powders, recommended for advanced natural hair dye users with knowledge of pigment blending, are Indigo and Neem. The Hair Treatment Powder is a mix of tropical fruits and seeds, and is recommended for anyone seeking to repair and nourish damaged hair, or to improve the luster and strength of healthy hair.

Certified Organic
Radico is the winner of numerous awards for its certified organic herbal hair colorants. Containing no peroxide, ammonia, resorcinol or parabens, completely chemical-free Colour Me Organic products rely on zero animal testing while promoting sustainable farming around the world.

Coming soon
Look for additional single-ingredient Colour Me Organic herbal pigments later in Spring 2021, when Radico will begin delivery of Amla, Ritha, Shikikai and Colorless Henna. All Radico organic hair colorants may be purchased at www.radicousa.com.

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