Why we redesigned new packages

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Why we redesigned our Colour Me Organic packages

You might have noticed that your recent purchase of Colour Me Organic came in a beige paper package, a big change from the previously bright green packaging. We updated our packaging for all 23 colors.



Radico's commitment to 100% organic hair dyes comes from the belief that our hair and scalp should not be damaged by chemicals when coloring hair.

Another reason is that the soil in which organic raw materials are grown is not affected by pesticides.

In other words, we are always thinking about the health of you and the planet.

By changing to the new pouch style package, we help the environment in two important ways:

  • A reduction of paper used in packaging
  • A reduction of carbon dioxide generated during shipment from India.

The new package greatly increases shipping efficiency, which add up when shipping the products to the United States.

Before, each shipping box could hold 72 Colour Me Organic boxes. With the new packaging, the same box holds more than 100 pouches. This reduces the carbon output generated from shipping alone by 30%.

With growing customers in the United States, we felt this was a very important step we needed to make.

The new paper pouch style packaging is not as flashy as the green boxes, but rest assured, the contents are exactly the same as before.   

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