We Reached 10k Likes on Facebook - Thanks to you!

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We announced a while ago that we reached 10k followers on Facebook. We want to say thanks. We want to truly thank you for the follows on social media, but also for the support all these years. It’s amazing to see the community around Radico Colour Me Organic. We certainly don’t take you for granted.



10,000 Likes on Facebook

We are blown away by the support and love we receive from our Facebook followers. Thank you for following us. Thank you for being loyal. Thank you for the constant commenting, liking, and buying our straps. Our company has been around for 10+ years and our Facebook has been around for 7. You have stuck by our side all the way.

Thanks to You

Sincerely, from the bottom of our hearts, thanks for your support, love, community, and loyalty. 

Radico USA Facebook Page

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