Organic Hair Treatment Powder - 100% Organic Fruit & Seed Powder
Organic Hair Treatment Powder - 100% Organic Fruit & Seed Powder
Organic Hair Treatment Powder - 100% Organic Fruit & Seed Powder
Organic Hair Treatment Powder - 100% Organic Fruit & Seed Powder

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Organic Hair Treatment Powder - 100% Organic Fruit & Seed Powder

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Enjoy a Professional Spa Hair Treatment

Radico Hair Treatment Powder is a natural hair conditioner and tonic that conditions hair and prevents graying even as it nourishes hair roots. Like all Radico hair colorants and powders this treatment uses only 100% organic botanicals. A blend of amla, ritha and shikikai, it will add luster and fullness to your hair, while invigorating your scalp and strengthening hair roots.  Give your hair the treatment it deserves with this 100% natural conditioning powder!

Note: This product does not contain dyes, so it will not color your hair.

It gives complete benefit of amla, ritha and Shikakai.

(1) Amla:
•Helps in hair growth and prevent any hair loss.
•nourishes and moisturizes the hair.
•Has many antioxidant properties that are effective in strengthening the roots of the hair.
•Acts as a conditioner that gives hair a natural shine and bounce.
(2) Ritha:
•Used by women for centuries as a natural shampoo.
•Regular use promotes hair growth, improves texture and volume.
•It is so mild, can be used to cleanse your hair every day without it stripping away the natural oils from your scalp.
(3) Shikakai:
•Shikakai means ‘fruit for hair.’
•When combined with water, the fruit forms a slight lather and can be used to cleanse hair effectively.
•The rich antioxidant content of this ingredient makes it perfect for restoring scalp health and treating hair fall.
•Shikakai won’t strip your hair of its natural oils.
•It detangles the hair, reduces dandruff and conditions hair to make it luscious and manageable.

Certified Organic Hair Color

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Organic hair color

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How Colour Me Organic dyes hair

Plant pigments dissolved in water bind to the proteins in the cortex, which dye the hair.


When there is too much moisture in the hair, the pigments can not reach the cortex.

If there is too much water in the hair, the plant pigment solution does not penetrate into the hair, resulting in a weak color.


Paste must be mixed thoroughly with water to dye the hair.

If powder is not mixed well enough, the plant pigments clump up and are unable to pass through the cuticle, resulting in a weak color.


If conditioners and hair products remain in the hair, it will not dye properly.

If there are oils from conditioners and hair treatment, they will repel the water-based plant pigment solution, which results in a weak color.


Alkaline water removes henna pigment from hair

The pigment component of henna is Lawson. Lawson does not stick to hair with alkaline water.

Be careful with henna-based strawberry blondes, caramel blondes, and dish blondes.


Alkaline shampoo removes henna pigment from hair.

The pigment component of henna is Lawson. Alkaline shampoo foam removes Lawson from human hair. Soap sits at the higher end of the pH scale, around the 9 - 10 mark. Soap-based shampoo bars are out of balance with the natural pH of your hair. Soap’s alkalinity combined with the alkaline water can leave your tresses tangled and waxier than ever.


Colour Me Organic will only work on hair that is lighter than the product color.

Colour Me Organic uses only natural plant pigments, so it does not have the strength of chemical dyes.
It will not dye hair that is darker than the product’s color.

Based on 37 reviews
No difference

I followed the directions exactly and this made absolutely no difference in my hair color, just made my hair unbelievably tangled and difficult to brush even after shampooing twice.

Very gentle, but the color did not come out as advertised

I gave this brand a go because I recently discovered just how toxic and unsafe traditional hair coloring products really are, and unfortunately, I discovered this right after bleaching and dyeing my hair purple after years of not using any chemical processes on my hair. I always loved using vibrant hair color to express myself in the past, and I was excited to do so again, but now I'd found myself between colorings with no clear way to safely maintain my hair color. And sadly, after weeks of searching, it seems that the market for vibrant hair color that is also clean and non-toxic seems to be nonexistent.

I stumbled across Radico, and I loved the idea of using organic herbs to tint my hair instead, so I approached trying this dye out as an experiment. I didn't expect the color to turn out exactly as the swatch, but I was hopeful I'd get to continue maintaining at least one fun hair color by using this brand.

Prior using Radico last week, most of my chemically-processed color had faded, and my hair was mostly yellow from the bleach with some streaks of pink left from the faded dye. Before using Radico's dye, I also used the hair treatment powder to repair any lasting damage created from the chemical process so that my hair was starting from a healthier baseline.

When I used this violet dye last week, I read in the instructions that if your hair was previously bleached, you would probably need to do a second application since the first attempt would likely result in a greenish color, and it did. So, after the first application didn't produce the color I wanted, I waited for two days, washed my hair, and then did a second application. Both times, I let the dye sit for 90 min and applied heat 3x to activate the herbs and get the most out of the process.

It has been 5 days since the second dye application, and while it has darkened to some extent, the color is still nowhere near the color swatch shown on the package. The areas that were previously just bleached look more burgundy than violet, and the only faint purple that does show through is from the sections of my hair that still had a little pink left. The rest of my hair looks like a mix between my natural dark brunette color and soft black.

Overall, I knew that violet was a tall order from a purely herbal dye, and I'm not terribly impressed with the results. I knew that trying this color was a shot in the dark since I couldn't find any reviews of other people trying this particular color, but I'd be shocked if anyone else's results turned out to actually be violet. The color swatch feels misleading.

I may continue to use this brand for more natural coloring until the bleached areas of my hair have grown out because I love the intent and values that the brand stands for. But, to anyone who decides to give the violet a try, make sure to keep your expectations realistic. It's quite a bit of work for little payoff. I do hope that the company continues to improve their formula. Despite smelling like you have a barn on your head while it processes, I loved not having to worry that I was burning my scalp or seriously damaging my hair. I hope this review is helpful.


The color Not what I expect

Excellent results

Excellent results seems gentle to my fragile hair.

Brown - Colour Me Organic Haircolor

I love the product! It does a good job covering my grays and I especially love that it is organic and healthy for my hair.
I seem to be unable to access my subscription on the website, so I am hoping that that gets figured out soon so that I am able to make adjustments, if needed.

The Best Hair Color

This is the best hair color I have ever used. So glad I found this organic color. I do it myself and keep it on 3 hours and thicker area on temples for covering gray. It looks so great and covers gray. I do have to leave on longer than 1 1/2 hours, so I put on and clean the house.

Great henna

I used it to do a pre-coloring before applying a darker color, as that is the only way to actually make my hair be dark after the color treatment. It did the job just fine. My hair looked very red after having the henna on for two hours and then I rinsed it and applied the next color for another two hours and my hair looks completely dark now, which was the goal.

Dark Brown - Colour Me Organic - Certified Organic Hair Color

Beautiful color

I love the result on my hair ; I have used it as a second application after a natural henna dye ; all my grey hair is perfectly covered and I like the shiny red highlights.

Good product

Good product.
But this time product in new packaging was causing itching on my skin around neck and shoulders.


the old formulation worked wonderfully on my light-medium brown hair (about 25% gray). The new formulation gave my hair a distinct reddish cast that did NOT darken after a few days to brown. The reddish cast occurred throughout my hair, not just on the gray hair (though it was worse on the grayer areas). I followed all directions and applied the color for 90 minutes. The old formulation worked well on my hair. Both old and new formulations did condition my hair nicely.

Awesome hair color

Awesome hair color

Dark Brown

After using and carefully following all the instructions I didn't see the desire results. It did cover my gray hair to black, but not dark brown.

Dark Brown - Colour Me Organic

Outstanding products. Have been using for 3 plus years.

Did not work at all

It didn’t color my hair at all , I just wasted my money on this product . Please dnt make fool of people by saying it will cover grey hairs . If there is option for 0 star I would have given that

Ash blonde

I buy it to cover my gray hair. I have tried 3 times. First - 1 hour, second-2 hours and third - 3 hours. It didn’t cover gray hair at all.
Positive things: my hair look very healthy and I feel it, people asked me what I did to my hair
I texted to customer center and they send me promo code for free purchase. So I order Darkest blonde. Will see if this time it works

Delivered timely product is awesome

My hair looks naturally black love it . Covers all the grays

None of my hairs color changed. It was waste of money and time

Fantastic product!

Before, I struggled with my vanity over using hair dye and my normally low-chemical products lifestyle, but Radico really is great! I have used the copper brown for a few years, and am playing with other colors now. The copper brown smells like herbs and coffee :) It is messy to apply, but I've never had it stain my skin or clothes. It's a little hard to rinse out so I use conditioner as a rinse. But it really does color well! I am probably 50% gray and the color really latches on to the roots. I reapply every three weeks as my roots start to grow out and you can tell the color is just starting to fade. I have short wavy hair and one box lasts me about 4 dyes. Hope this helps, definitely recommend!


Good product, all natural, no allergy.

Beautiful blonde without the nasty chemical smell! !

As I aged, I lost all the beautiful red highlights of my baby fine natural strawberry blonde hair. It made me look washed out. This gives me back the color of my youth without destroying my scalp and it makes my hair shine and feel thicker and silky. Blonde coverage is great! I generally color every 8 weeks which is amazing for natural color. The key is following the directions. Temperature is important; too cold doesn't activate the color, too hot is bad too. I use my instant read kitchen thermometer to get my water temp to 140 to 160 F , mix it to yogurt consistency and then immediately apply. I cover my colored hair with the plastic cap provided, warm my head with the hair dryer, then wrap with a towel to hold the heat in. I repeat heating every 20 minutes for 2 hours before rinsing the color from my hair. I try not to wash until 3 days after coloring. Like any color it fades a little, but it doesn't wash away. I get white roots from growth, but the rest stays blonde. Really happy with the color, health, and texture of my hair. And there's no nasty smells - it smells like matcha green tea.

Beautiful Golden Healthy Looking Color!

I have Asian black hair with 50% gray. The mahogany color covers my grays and coats my black hair with pretty, golden red sheen! My hair looks healthy, feels strong and smooth! All of this and its organic too!
You just have to make sure you coat each strand well with the henna. I also leave it in my hair for 3 - 5 hours.(I let it sit for about 3 days after 1st rinse to let it oxidize). It will be darker at first but it gets lighter as you wash your hair! It works for me!

Light Brown

I have tried light brown, dark brown, brown, and ash brown with varying degrees of success. My hair is naturally coarse, dark brown with cool undertones and gray mainly throughout my crown and hairline. I was hoping the Radico color would tint my gray hair blonde and give an overall deeper, healthier tone to the rest of my hair especially my dry ends. The dark brown color is closest to my natural tone but starts off very dark in the beginning which takes some getting used to! It appears almost black and takes several washes to completely remove the leftover color and henna odor. The lighter shades of brown have been completely hit or miss- a few times after color there were no results or minimal blonde tinting/ gray coverage effects. It was a lot of effort applying all of the color to my hair and sitting with it on my thick head of hair with very little payoff which was quite disappointing! All and all, I’ve had very inconsistent results. I was hoping this color would be the answer to my search for a truly natural method to conceal/blend my gray hair and avoid being committed to chemical color forever.. but I’m not convinced this color is paying off unfortunately.

The best hair dye I’ve found

Regardless of the fact that it’s non toxic, and that it did not irritate my scalp and dvive me dry flakes like all the other dyes (even the ones so-called natural, it’s the best dye job I’ve ever had.
My (thin) hair came out dyed brown, glossy, thicker and fuller, and its texture is light and less dry than any other dye I’ve tried so far, including in a salon.
I wanted to dye over previously dyed hair that was brassy and too red, and cover grays so I mixed 50% Brown and 50% Dark Brown, and the result is a medium chestnut brown, slightly darker than my natural color but I’m sure it will lighten up over time.
After years of searching for a PPD free,hair dye, I am so happy to have found this one! I can safely use it for the rest of my life.
Oh and another plus, it doesn’t dye my skin or stain my bathroom countertop.