Wine Red - Colour Me Organic - Certified Organic Hair Color

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Manufactured by using ayurvedic, natural and organic herbs, Colour Me Organic gently coats your hair for a vibrant, stable, and long-lasting color. It balances and nourishes the hair shaft to prevent breakage and over-drying, leaving hair shiny, thick, lustrous and naturally healthy.

  • Powder based organic hair colors for men & women
  • Safe hair color for everyone
  • Certified organic by the USDA and ECOCERT
  • Contains no synthetic chemicals
  • 100% grey coverage in 1 hour
  • PPD free hair color
  • At home hair color
  • Protects and nourishes hair and restores natural shine & luster
Organic Rubia cordifolia (Organic Manjistha Root Powder), Organic Lawsonia inermis (Organic Henna Leaf Powder), Organic Emblica officinalis (Organic Amla Fruit Powder), Organic Eclipta alba/prostrata (Organic Bhringraj Leaf Powder), Organic Hibiscus rosa-sinensis (Organic Hibiscus Flower Powder), Organic Trigonella foenum-graecum (Organic Methi/Fenu-greek Seed Powder)

Customer Reviews

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Good product, all natural, no allergy.



Beautiful blonde without the nasty chemical smell! !

As I aged, I lost all the beautiful red highlights of my baby fine natural strawberry blonde hair. It made me look washed out. This gives me back the color of my youth without destroying my scalp and it makes my hair shine and feel thicker and silky. Blonde coverage is great! I generally color every 8 weeks which is amazing for natural color. The key is following the directions. Temperature is important; too cold doesn't activate the color, too hot is bad too. I use my instant read kitchen thermometer to get my water temp to 140 to 160 F , mix it to yogurt consistency and then immediately apply. I cover my colored hair with the plastic cap provided, warm my head with the hair dryer, then wrap with a towel to hold the heat in. I repeat heating every 20 minutes for 2 hours before rinsing the color from my hair. I try not to wash until 3 days after coloring. Like any color it fades a little, but it doesn't wash away. I get white roots from growth, but the rest stays blonde. Really happy with the color, health, and texture of my hair. And there's no nasty smells - it smells like matcha green tea.

Beautiful Golden Healthy Looking Color!

I have Asian black hair with 50% gray. The mahogany color covers my grays and coats my black hair with pretty, golden red sheen! My hair looks healthy, feels strong and smooth! All of this and its organic too!
You just have to make sure you coat each strand well with the henna. I also leave it in my hair for 3 - 5 hours.(I let it sit for about 3 days after 1st rinse to let it oxidize). It will be darker at first but it gets lighter as you wash your hair! It works for me!

Kimberly Brennan
Light Brown

I have tried light brown, dark brown, brown, and ash brown with varying degrees of success. My hair is naturally coarse, dark brown with cool undertones and gray mainly throughout my crown and hairline. I was hoping the Radico color would tint my gray hair blonde and give an overall deeper, healthier tone to the rest of my hair especially my dry ends. The dark brown color is closest to my natural tone but starts off very dark in the beginning which takes some getting used to! It appears almost black and takes several washes to completely remove the leftover color and henna odor. The lighter shades of brown have been completely hit or miss- a few times after color there were no results or minimal blonde tinting/ gray coverage effects. It was a lot of effort applying all of the color to my hair and sitting with it on my thick head of hair with very little payoff which was quite disappointing! All and all, I’ve had very inconsistent results. I was hoping this color would be the answer to my search for a truly natural method to conceal/blend my gray hair and avoid being committed to chemical color forever.. but I’m not convinced this color is paying off unfortunately.