Organic Hair Dye for a Natural Look: Tips for Dyeing Gray Hair and Maintaining a Natural Appearance One Month Later

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An organic hair color is an excellent option if you're looking to dye your gray hair while keeping a natural look. With chemical hair dye, the shaded part can be noticeable as your hair grows, creating an artificial and unnatural appearance. This is especially true for those with a high percentage of white hair, as dying it a dark color can result in a "skunk stripe" effect.
skunk stripe

On the other hand, organic hair dyes can only dye gray hair and cannot go darker than your natural hair color. This means that your hair will maintain its natural appearance even after a month. To achieve a more natural look, it's recommended to dye your gray hair a shade lighter than your natural hair color.


Copper Brown test
For example, it's best to go with a brown shade if you have black hair. A lighter light brown or copper brown can be ideal if you have a lot of gray hair. In the image above, the person has black hair with 40% white hair, and we dyed it copper brown. The bright copper-brown dye gives the entire hair a lighter tone, and even after one month, the white coat is hardly noticeable, and no skunk stripes have occurred.

Our organic hair treatments and shampoo bars also contain Ayurvedic herbs that make your hair healthier, giving it an overall radiance and shine that can cause gray hair less noticeable. So, if you're looking to dye your gray hair while keeping a natural look, organic hair color with a lighter shade than your natural hair color, combined with Ayurvedic hair treatments, can be a great option.

Organic Hair Treatment

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