Avoiding Red Tints in Herbal-Based Natural Hair Colors

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When dyeing your gray hair with herbal-based natural hair colors, it's common to encounter unexpected reddish tones. This can happen with shades like dark brown, brown, and light brown, due to the compatibility between the plant dye and your hair. For instance, henna might impart a strong red tint, while indigo may not dye as effectively.

To avoid this reddish outcome, choose a product that doesn’t include herbs with red pigments. Our 100% organic hair color is crafted using a blend of 12 Ayurvedic herbs, including henna, which typically dyes hair orange, and hibiscus flower, which dyes it pink.

[Henna leaf dyed hair color sample]

hennna leaf dye 
[Hibiscus flower dyed hair color sample]
hibiscus flower dye

Which color covers grey without turning red?

However, we also offer organic hair colors that exclude henna leaf and hibiscus flower to help you achieve your desired shade without the risk of red tones. Here are the options:

Darkest Ash Blonde

100% organic hair color. Wheat blonde hair color sample.
These colors may vary slightly based on your hair type since they contain no additives or chemicals. Therefore, if you wish to avoid any red tints, we recommend selecting a color that does not include henna or hibiscus.

Choosing the right herbal hair color can be a simple process when you understand the impact of different ingredients. Enjoy a natural, vibrant look without the unwanted red hues with our carefully curated shades.

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