Henna has made my hair stink! Unveiling the Unpleasant Smell of Henna Hair Dyes

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Are you one of those who cringe at the smell of henna when dyeing your hair? Fear not! In this blog post, we'll explore the reasons behind the distinct scent and provide insights into how to make your henna hair dye experience more enjoyable. Let's delve into the world of natural hair dyes, their origins, and the key to preserving their essence.

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The Essence of Henna:

Natural hair dyes derived from plants often carry a pleasant earthy aroma, but henna sometimes develops a fishy odor approximately three years post-harvest. This odor, attributed to the oxidation of henna and indigo, can linger even after dyeing, raising concerns about its impact on those around you.

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Understanding the Cause:

The key culprit behind the lingering scent is the oxidation process that occurs over time. Additionally, mold and mildew can contribute to unpleasant odors, especially if the henna is not stored properly.

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Preserving Freshness for a Musty Smell-Free Experience:

To combat unwanted odors, it's crucial to harvest, powder, and pack the dye plants on-site immediately. This process prevents oxidation and mold growth, ensuring the freshness of the henna. Our 100% organic hair dyes have a 36-month expiry date, and rigorous measures are taken to maintain freshness during transportation.

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Local Harvesting for Optimal Quality:

We take pride in our commitment to sourcing locally, harvesting, and powdering our plants on-site. By importing into the United States in smaller quantities and air cargo pallets rather than sea containers, we prioritize freshness from the fields to your doorstep. We place a premium on freshness despite the high cost of transportation, as the product is entirely natural.

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The Fresh Cut Grass Scent of Fresh Natural Dyes:

Freshly prepared natural dyes may have a sticky consistency when dissolved in hot water, signifying their authenticity. The smell, akin to the aroma of fresh grass and earth, is a testament to the purity of our products.

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Combatting the Prairie-Like Scent:

For those accustomed to artificial fragrances, the natural scent of henna might be an adjustment. However, you can reduce the smell by washing your hair and scalp with black tea after applying the dye. Embrace the authenticity of natural dyes – it's a unique, prairie-like fragrance that sets it apart from artificial scents.

Say goodbye to concerns about post-henna odors with our fresh, locally sourced, and carefully packed 100% organic hair dyes. Embrace the natural essence of henna, and revel in the prairie-like fragrance that signifies a genuine and organic hair-dyeing experience. It's time to celebrate the beauty of nature and rediscover the true aroma of your hair.

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