Difficulties of Dying Your Beard with Just Natural Herbs and How to Overcome Them

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Embracing the natural essence of beards, we've crafted a 100% organic white beard dye, a soft black marvel tailored specifically for the unique properties of beards. Beards resemble the fur of chimpanzees and gorillas, which are similar to humans, according to research.[1]  Unlike hair, beards possess a distinctive composition, comprising not only a hair keratins but also a epithelial keratins, resulting in a thicker diameter and a unique texture. Therefore, we've embarked on a journey to redefine beard dyeing.

natural beard dye

Pack-1: The primary dye

Our quest led us to concoct a blend of organic herbs, meticulously selected for their potency and gentleness on sensitive skin. The primary dye, enriched with organic Henna Leaf Powder, Amla Fruit Powder, and Bhringraj Leaf Powder, imbues the beard with a deep orange hue, laying the foundation for the transformation to soft black. Patience becomes a virtue as the henna pigment settles over the course of an hour, infusing the beard with richness.

Pack-2: The secondary dye

Following this, our secondary dye, featuring organic Indigo Leaf Powder, Brahmi Leaf Powder, and Reetha Fruit Powder, takes center stage. This blend, coupled with the indigo pigment, catalyzes the transition to soft black, surpassing the depths of dark brown. As the indigo oxidizes and evolves into its signature blue hue over 48 hours, a journey of color transformation unfolds.

organic beard dyehenna and indigo

The left is (Pack-1) and the right is (Pack-2)

Remember that indigo-blue takes about 48-72 hours to develop fully, so be patient after hair dyeing. If you want to speed up the development process, you wet your hair and let it dry naturally about three times, which can help the blue color develop more quickly. This will speed up the transition from orange hair to soft black hair.

indigo dyeing

While the process may be time-intensive, we cherish the rhythm of nature and its intricate color palette. Through a method that harnesses the inherent vibrancy of natural pigments, we ensure a dyeing experience free from harsh chemicals, catering to those with sensitive skin. We invite you to savor the richness of this journey, embracing a lifestyle aligned with the ebb and flow of natural time.

embracing a lifestyle
Let our 100% organic beard dye be more than a mere cosmetic choice; let it be a testament to the beauty of patience and the artistry of nature. Join us in fostering a culture where dyeing becomes a cherished ritual, a harmonious blend of self-care and reverence for the wonders of the natural world.

natural beard hair dye

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